It is evident that society is always rapidly changing, and that is true for technology as well. There is something to be said about how technology makes us feel, isn’t there? When you go to get that new smart phone, television, even car, doesn’t it make you feel warm and tingly? Anyone who knows me well, know that I am a huge Disney fan… Regardless of your feelings about Walt Disney himself, one must admire the passion he had for the world around him. He was indeed a visionary… He had a vision of Tomorrow, and he would let nothing halt his success. Truly, this post is not to idolize Walt Disney, but to consider instead whether we as a nation still share that passion?

1964 World’s Fair

Walt Disney played a large part in the organization and content of the 1964 World’s Fair. He was clear that he had a vision for a better tomorrow. Shouldn’t we attempt to share that same vision of a better world?


At this time,  a World’s Fair was meant to be a display case for technological advances around the world. To be clear, this is not just computers (as I am interested in as my career choice), but technology defined as advances that improve quality of life. There were so many new things to be excited about back then… I won’t dwell on all of the technology displayed at the 1964 World’s Fair, or even the beautiful Unisphere (the center of the image above). It’s easy enough to find information about the technology displayed at the fair, and I would really suggest you do. However, instead I would like to ask this question: How have we changed as a society?

Present (and onward)

Government and large corporations drive our countries economy. Unfortunately capitalism is well, capitalism, but it’s important that these companies recognize the profound affect they have on people. We should attempt to determine how visionaries can work with large corporations to drive advances. Maybe I just feel nostalgic about an event that occurred before I myself was alive, but it is my firm belief that as a society we should look back at a time like this for pointers. This was a time when people felt hope about the future of our world. Keep in mind that I don’t wish to discount all of the people doing great things currently to better society, but I simply want to state that I wish to find the driver that causes people to feel that hope for a better world.

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