Apache Ignite

  • Compute Grid
    • Any node can be an orchestrator
  • Automatic network association
    • Nodes deployed on the network running Apache Ignite will automatically associate
  • Highly Portable
    • The only dependency the nodes require is Java
    • Machines do no need to be identical
    • All resources pool together
  • Runs in a virtual environment
    • Many times, Java is viewed negatively because it runs in a virtual environment, however it has since been optimized to be more reliable and fast

MPI (Message Passing Interface)

  • Beowulf Cluster
    • Requires a master node for orchestration
  • Requires network configuration
    • Nodes must be configured to communicate without authentication
  • Claims Portability
    • MPI is portable, however there can be issues with C libraries that are platform dependent
  • Does not have overhead from running virtualized (like Java)

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