Context This post will apply both to my CS528 Advanced Parallel Computing and CS598 Masters Project courses since both utilize Apache Ignite. These are the tools that I needed to apply to get started with Apache Ignite.

  • Java 8 JDK (Java Development Kit)
  • Netbeans 8.1
  • Apache Maven 3.0.5

Java 8

predicatively how fast does oral ivermectin kill scabies Installing Java 8 should be fairly simple. The installation file can be downloaded from:

Las Cabezas de San Juan bovada pga The installation should be simple as well. Follow the steps in the installer. The default location will be in Program Files (may depend on 32 vs 64 bit version).

Netbeans 8.1

888 poker web Staaken While I suggest using Netbeans as a development IDE (Integrated Development Environment), one could just as easily use Eclipse. The installation of Netbeans should also be straightforward. Follow the steps laid out in the installer. There may be some configuration to follow to ensure your Netbeans instance points to your newly installed JDK. If I am not mistaken, I think it may automatically look for your JDK during install.

Apache Maven 3.0.5

sweepstakes casino Apache Maven is a build system with dependency management built in. With the utilization of .pom files, one can structure builds and automatically resolve dependencies from remote hosted repositories. Many of the repos are hosted by trusted sources. When a dependency is needed, Maven will first look to see if it exists in your local repository. If it does not exist or is older than a remote version, then it will be retrieved from the remote repository.

Configuring Netbeans to utilize Maven

After installing Maven, it is important to make sure that your Netbeans install is pointing at your recently installed Maven. This can be achieved by: Launching Netbeans, click “Tools”, then click “Options”, and finally navigate to “Java-> Maven”. You should have the
“Maven Home” configuration item set to your newly installed Apache Maven.


This guide has been created to prepare an individual for developing Apache Ignite hosted applications, however it could also be utilizing for anyone looking to start developing in Java. I hope what’s provided here is helpful, and I hope you enjoy my content!

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