So, you may have heard all the rage about “big data” over the past couple years… I am here to tell you about the notion of “fast data”. So over the past few years people have been noticing the large amounts of data accumulating… Big data refers to how to organize and store large amounts of data. This data can be stored away efficiently using technologies like map reduce. Now that we are able to organize and store these large amounts of data, what happens when we need to access that data quickly. Along came fast data… A major proponent of fast data is the notion “In Memory Computing”. This means that we are able to hold data in memory vs. on disk so that it is accessed more quickly.


Data Caching is a feature of Apache Ignite that allows the caching of data in memory, and keeps that data synchronized with the database. Keeping the data that in memory in sync with the database allows for fast and accurate data.

So you want to try out Apache Ignite? Here is the first step on your mission to achieve fast data: Apache Ignite Downloads

After the Ignite binary has been downloaded, you will be able to just start Ignite right up using the scripts provided in the bin directory. If you are on a network and have access to multiple machines, then you can install Ignite on several machines. Apache Ignite will automatically recognize other instances without any configuration.

cd apache-ignite.../bin

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