I will soon be starting research at Clarkson University toward my Doctorate in Computer Science. As part of that process, I will need to choose an area of research to focus on. The topic I plan to focus on it Distributed Machine Learning. I have always had an interest in distributed computing, and have recently taken an interest in machine learning. In my mind, I like to relate computation to the human brain (probably like many others). The human brain is really remarkable, and I think to strive to create immense, intelligent processing power, that a focus should be modeling the brain. It’s been proven (in computing and the within the brain) that executing multiple tasks in parallel is far superior to execute a single task very quickly. Having machine learning algorithms execute in parallel just seems natural in many ways.


What I would like to accomplish for my Masters Project is to take a comprehensive look at Distributed Machine Learning in preparation for my doctoral studies. I’d like to research currently frameworks for executing distributed ML tasks. Primarily, I plan to perform classification utilizing Apache Ignite (previous entries), and JavaML. The Java Machine Learning library. There are some other frameworks available, and I like to research them as well. Also, I’d also like to research the impact of Neuro-Syntaptic processors on 3rd generation neural networks.

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